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Posting off a meme from [livejournal.com profile] jocosa,

In 2012, zesty_pinto resolves to...
Become a better basia.
Give up sketching.
Eat more animutations.
Drink four glasses of earthbound every day.
Take evening classes in wfmu.
Go to wit every Sunday.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Guess the parts that make this absolutely wrong!

1. Basia is a singer that I listen to on and off for her jazzy lounge style. You can hear her music in generic upper crust environments.

2. Animutations are a style of flash humor that is derived from taking what is an otherwise undecipherable song (usually of foreign origin) and attempting to translate it into English whilst applying pop culture to it. Colin Machrie was a common icon in these flash videos, although references to previous animutations were often used.

It was one of the earliest revolutions into meme culture back when meme were still a less-recognized subculture, although not as ancient as the original web memes like "Mr. T ate my balls." To put it into perspective: this was around the same time as "All Your Base Are Belong to Us," but not as late as Chuck Norris jokes. It was also a time when Wikipedia was still mostly empty, as I recall.

3. Earthbound is a console RPG known for its sense of humor. The game takes combat not as seriously and tries to make the game itself as enjoyable to play for being silly. Combat involves beating up grumpy dogs, awkward ducks, new age retro hippies, and other silly-named characters and effects like poison are replaced with sunstroke. It's a very fun game and I've made a habit of talking about it from time to time back in the 2000s.

4. WFMU is a freeform radio station based in Jersey City, NJ. It currently stands as one of the few radio stations that is not only commercial free, but purely listener supported without any corporate financial support. Due to its freeform hardline basis, the content between DJs varies wildly, from comedy to pop to Swedish death metal to interviews to even actual recordings from a live phonograph played in the studio.

I listen to them on and off throughout my years and have been an avid supporter of the station for helping me understand music better and introduce me to some great comedians along the way. I have often referred to them here and there, and often recommend people to listen to some of Tom Scharpling's work due to its ready accessibility.

5. I have no idea what wit means.
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