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I bought the NEX-7 secondhand from someone on eBay after getting tired at how everytime I had the spare money for the NEX-7, it would be out of stock. Appropriately, the day after I got that NEX-7 off eBay, it went back on sale. :P

I'm glad to say that the unit was practically close to new as far as I was concerned. With daylight still in range, I took a walk along Somerville's fringe and tested out the camera with the Minolta 70-210 f/4, aka "beercan," which I was also curious about since I sent it in for repairs shortly before I sold my NEX-5, leaving me unable to test it.

Indoor tests yielded me:

Not bad, although up close it's fairly ugly. For web format this is more than enough.

Outdoors is better. NEX-7 is kind of awkward with the focus setup, though.

One thing I did find interesting was that the NEX-7 offers the same options as the A77, including 10FPS. 10 Frames Per Second. Think about that. That's the sort of speed sports photographers want. Granted, I can't even take full advantage of it though since I'm using lenses in manual with this, but it's nice to have. I'm not really going to go birding with the NEX-7 though.

Overall, the tests have been positive. While the Beercan can allow the ability to take 100% advantage of the sensor size, it will only do this if you step down the lens enough and under settings where the sun won't get in the way. CA is a definite issue.
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