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So I kept pushing myself to go out so I could take a trip out along to a place called Oakdale Park. The location itself isn't that far off along the nearby orange line at the end. What I didn't realize was that this part of Malden is one huge set of hills. The sweating commenced as I hunted for an entrance to the park as I walked up and down paved slopes. Finally, a rough trail was visible and I walked through and up unmarked roads until I noticed some rocky tops along the path. I decided to do a little foot climbing, and...

My god. The view.

This wasn't even the first spot I found a great view, the entire area is very photogenic for landscape shots. I used this as an excuse to learn more about HDR as I took multi-exposure shots with my wide angle lens on the hunt for things to take photos of.

Between this, more slopes. I thought my body was going to strangle me for doing a few miles of hills and it only made me that much more impressed at the joggers who passed by me on these trails.

One of the more interesting things I saw along the way was a part of the park that was charred black. Apparently, a forest fire broke out here. I later realized it must have been a controlled burn since there were still established trail lines that held fringes of unburned vegetation. The land itself was not fallow either, as winter saplings sprouted along these weed-free lands. I could still smell the blackened char dust enter my lungs as I passed by and tried to find more to look at.

Finally, I hit the end of the trail and took a trip back to the station. It was longer, but without slopes it was ridiculously easier in comparison. There's three other parks Westward that are separated from Oakdale by freeways, so I think I will try to enter one of them later this week as long as weather is permitting.

Today is clear but cold, so I'm going to try to hit Castle Island beach. Full packweight, maybe even bring the tripod with me just to prove that I can. Maybe not though, as I also want to see if I can walk home from there.
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