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I was returning to college. I took a train, was confused by a rude conductor that said I was going to the wrong destination, but ended up heading where I wanted to in the first place. At the university, I remember back to my original time as a freshman. My roomie was friendly, but a little too macho for my liking. While I did my classwork, he was usually out experiencing the joy of being in college, and I think it was suggested that he was somewhat of a ladykiller. Before the year ended, I met the first woman to ever interest me in college. We started talking during a social event. We talked, but then I was shortcome by my roomie, who immediately took over and began to find ways to make sure he had priority over her, completely shutting me out from her. The last vision I had of this past was of running out of the bar and seeing both of them walking out together against a snowing parking lot as I stood there watching and hating the man.

I returned to college ready to try again. I went out, bought some books, looked around the quad and breathed in the nostalgia of it. When I came around to my dorm room, it was a bunk house. People talked to each other as I lay back and some of them recognized me when I returned. Somewhere along the way the subject of my old roommate came up and I asked them about it. They said that he was out partying. I inquired about the girl to see if she was all right, but then I was informed that she was his girlfriend for the last number of years and that they were very close. I thought of trying to get her back, but after I heard that I realized it was all a false pretense to begin with. I tried to go to bed and then later walked the streets in the light snow. There was that bar again, and I entered, where I played arcade games and ate pizza with the others there. There was also a sort of social writing event, where each person was supposed to write something about their thoughts on a sheet of paper and others would eventually read it. I was worried it was going to be something crass, but as I looked at a sheet someone was writing on, I realized that there was something very intelligent and caring they put on the sheet.


Apr. 25th, 2005 08:20 am
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Dreamt I was in Suikoden.

I was a member in a party of others traveling through ruins that seemed Sindar in origin. My members included a man in his twenties who was the new hero. I looked at the others I was with and started to wonder if I remembered them from any past Suikoden and then I noted that the Fire Bringer was in my party.

Another opposing group came into the ruins after we tried to open an ancient stone cabinet to see what was inside. We go into combat and it is not long before the Fire Bringer falls. I go into a rage and strike down everyone of them I can like some sort of angry frenzy, killing with a disturbing violence that alarms some of the other members.

At that point, I start to think of a background in the Grassland highlands where along the top of a great top of a valley was a village of huts. I can't remember much more than that, other than the Fire Bringer was there; possibly the new hero as well, and their meeting.

Analysis: Although it's been awhile, this is at least the third dream I've had in the past few days where I became abnormally violent. I'm not sure if it means something, but maybe it has something to do with this motivation lack I've been having recently. Damn it.


Apr. 16th, 2005 10:54 am
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Dreamt about a cat. It was a very pretty looking cat with short fur and large pretty green eyes and it stared at me and would smile. I lived in a complex that was around the docks where there were boxes everywhere. It was pretty, but I was afraid of touching the cat because the first time I saw it, it clawed someone hard. I tried to hide away from it enough to keep myself safe, but the cat was intelligent enough to follow me. At one point, it followed me home and I wanted to hide from it, but it followed me enough to reach my door. One of my roommates would open the door and notice the pretty cat and let it in and I watched it follow me. I almost start to break down and the cat seems sympathetic enough to push itself back outside but continues to watch me and I can't get myself to close the door.
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Kept for the sake of logging.

I went to a prison to check up on someone. The inside of the prison looked not too different from a very busy terminal (I think the concept was inspired by Times Square station). Lots of terminals where officers were standing behind, lots of armed soldiers walking by. I looked around for the right cell but all the other rooms were full of patients. I then remember something a friend of mine said about his work at a hospital and I started to wonder if this was what he was talking about. I peek over to one cell a bit to see these people getting treated who definitely seem to have some sort of mental disability: one of them howls some sort of gibberish and I back off. It turns out there's another part of the prison to check out. Before this, though, the center of the room caves into this pit and is sucking in huge amounts of air. I'm holding on for my life to a railing as I ask someone what it is. They reply "Haven't you heard of Azumanga Daioh?" Eventually the pit seals itself and we can continue on our merry way. I end up going past this double door that I don't think people are allowed to go through because beyond it is a very bitter frozen cold.

I trudge through the snow and icy weather and then get onto a railway system trolley (think like that parking trolley) with a few others. We ride along and I'm treated to some sort of macabre collection of what they do to prisoners. I remember some of these people getting turned into fleshy flowers, some of them getting quartered and strung up, and there were a lot of heads lying around here and there along the stonework as the rail. I realize that whoever it is I was supposed to meet had no chance. I wait for the rail to head all the way back to where it originally was and I head back to the door but I know it's sealed shut, so I stand to a corner and wait. The door finally opens and I'm hidden behind the big ass door as I hope no one notices me. Guards pass me by and I get in and I return to the large area.

I feel like I know too much and for all I know, there are people watching me: I cannot help but notice these cameras in the room that suddenly seem to hone in on me, so I try to get out. By the time I make it to the cabs outside though, the alarm shrieks and I wake up.
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It begins with me sitting in a dark bedroom, chatting with people online and looking through stuff. All the while while they type out their words, I hear them as thought they're being spoken. I ask to looook at a side, and they give me access to one. I then was busy talking with someone who shared my bedroom with me. I'm looking through photos of animals and the like while discussing pornography with someone and requesting for a download for some sort of software. I play it, and then it turns out to be like an Age of Empires format. Someone I know has the command of several men. There's more, but it's hard to remember without a blanket to sleep in.

I end up going to my college under the fear of bombs, but not before I remember news of terrorists striking the college. One of my professors messages me to be careful of certain packages. Someone I know took a present under someone's name, and it was actually a bomb. I think about the second floor that I really need to reach since I had to inform a professor I knew about something important, and then I also think of the panic I might create if I told the person about the bomb. He seemed to be busy with his cellphone, so after we greeted each other, I was about to warn him about the present, but the elevator shut behind me. I knew the thing was going to blow up soon. The door opened and I started running through halls. Running really fast. A sudden ringing broke out throughout and I knew I had to run harder. When I do, I end up slamming into a corner and hearing a roaring explosion erupt as smoke punched out of the hall way I cornered myself from. There was still a way around, but I just watched the smoke as it filled out. I soon remembered that there was another bomb. About then, the phone rang. Damned since I wanted to know what else was going to happen.
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I dreamt I was in New York, around a dorm. I fell in love with someone and I think we grew attached to each other from experience in the internet. I share a room with her and her friends: everyone is gorgeous. I lie back on a bed and I start hearing the music to "Growing Pains" and I can't help but feel entranced to it. I try talking to her, and we start talking about everything. She doesn't share my views, and I express my disagreement over her desire to use that little mouse eraser pusher (you know, that they put in laptops) instead of a mouse. Then we talk about digital cameras, and her friends join in. I can see them talk and laugh and have fun with digital cams and whatnot. After I watch them, I don't see her anymore, and I wonder where she is. I see her friends, and they're messing around with all these gadgets. I think her roommate had a tackle box full of C4 and primer. They were going to do something, and I wanted to join, but I couldn't. They left and I was alone in the room, so all I did was sit around and try to get a digital camera that worked right: all the previous models were pretty cheap in design, but I started thinking of a decent one. Then she appears before me, and I see her as not as attractive as I thought before. She asked if she was still pretty in my eye. I hugged her and told her that yes, she was regardless of anything, because I liked her for more than looks.

You would think the dream would end there, but it doesn't. I had to go home at night. Unfortunately, the bus lines were off. My brother, whom I met up with along the way to a bus, concucted a plan where he told me that whenever this happened, he usually would just cross the tracks and then walk the rest of the way. Scares the bejeezus out of me, personally. We reach the station, and I see this fork of tracks. I wait, and then I notice three to four people also going this way. I hear something coming and I see light approaching this track. I tell my brother I see something. Immediately, everyone takes the the sides. It was only a van that drives through the track, though. We continue and it takes us to this track that does an immediate turn to the right and outside. To the left is an old bathroom. I enter it, and while I am there, my brother is talking with some nuns that suddenly appear behind me. They're talking about a murder case. There's a bunch of x-ray scan machines where you can see xrays and there's two huge x-rays of an entire body, bones and all. Then a train comes and passes by.

I wait for it pass, but then a bunch of people start coming. I'm warned that there are zombies coming. I draw a gun from my pocket and I start blaring away. I then realize that there are normal people there. I replay the situation, I look for the people, I fire at the zombies around them as they run. I think I shot a person again. I replay the situation a third time. This time I got all the zombies, but they took a salvo of bullets to take down: I had to change clips three times. When I'm done, the people are gone and had passed me by. I continue on, without my brother.

The people I saved follow me as I walk through what seems like a community of cabin buildings. I then realize that I'm outnumbered and then I hear the voice of this mastermind, who is watching me from behind a glass booth tell me to let go of them to his side and I'll be granted freedom to pass. I tell him that it will never work, but I had to since I realized that these people couldn't handle going through a base of enemies without anything to protect them, so I forced myself to consent.

About this time, the dream switches to someone I know from online that I have liked and known for the longest time. She comes and we talk, and then after awhile, she finally says "Oh well we have to go do something fun. Bye!" I ask to join, but they say I cannot, and I'm alone, without support, friends, anything. This is when I am forced to get up to answer a phone call.
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I awaken with barly a momory of the dream that embraced me to a sky bursting with the brightest shot of reality. For once in the last three days, the eternal gray has been lifted away to feed sun sparking against the tan orange and red of leaves, the green of the pine, and the eternal blue of the heavens. I was once allowed the chance to see the deepest blue of a sky cleaned by the rain, though there is no deep blue, only the uniform eternally light blue of a sky stricken with vitality and vivacity.

The energy that flows through me is from that light, from my repaired body... from the cold shivers of the morning and the sound of my lover playing her instruments through the trees to show me how she can shake them. It is a new day... and I know I must be ready to embrace it.
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Wow, I don't know where to start...

It was in the darkness of a city. I was with some friends to check out something in an abandoned mansion. I walk in, explore a bit until I find a room with a bunch of computers and we settle here and start to work on them. There's some games and we try messing around with them, but they tend to have bug problems and the like. I watch this one game suddenly slowly get worse and worse as some sort of virus or the like eat away at the program as I try to type anything. Plus, the place is leaking. There's water everywhere and it's getting worse fast. I then see this furry gray and white cat that belongs to someone I know and I pet it and snuggle it and then it heads off. I follow it around but I then wake up.

I break out because my brother woke me for the moment to give me my late birthday present, Icewind Dale 2 the Collector's edition (yay!!!), but I was too tired to care and I mumble a thanks as I falls back into sleep again.

I'm in a sloping area where there are a bunch of houses, a low-value residential beach area. Yes, it's a definite beach area and most of the buildings around here are like beach shanties. I go around and then I meet someone. This part of the dream is really fuzzy: I was supposed to go somewhere with someone to meet this guy who was in a restaurant that was on stilts. I head in, I talk with the person while noting how this place, like the rest of the area, is far from a pretty looking area, and then I walk out and then explore a bit... this takes me to...

My parents and I are in a building for some retreat of their's. Around this retreat is this great expansive canyon in a beautiful landscape. Their friends are around as well as a few other people I know whom are Christians. I see them, but they eventually go off on a journey to explore the surrounding area. I also head off, exploring in a direction on my own. The edges, the rocks, I remember doing a lot of climbing and hiking; it was my natural territory. When I come back though, a bunch of people are missing, most of them are still hiking.

A day or more passes and a few people still haven't returned, mainly the families of these people I cared about including someone I know named Jael (she was someone I really liked for the past four years though she lived too far away for anything to happen) and someone I know named Lauren who I also liked but well... erm, another story for another time :P

I spend time around the house, and then I hear a report from someone that they heard a radio report about Jael's family being located. I run out and then go explore some more in the hopes of catching them on the way back, but nothing results. When I return I try to tell someone about the report, though as I talk about it, I cannot help but feel that they are bodies somewhere in the canyon even though I try to deny it verbally.

About that time, I head out again after hearing someone I knew was heading out to somewhere so I follow them. It takes me to a dark dingy sewer-like tunnel and then stairs down to a bus system composed of boats. It is then that I wake up.
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Dreams, Dreams, dreams...

I dreamt I was wandering through the woods, thick, heavy woods. In time, I realized was in a camp. Someone came up and told me to look for someone, so I did, wandering around each cabin looking for the person. Finally I reach the end of the camp area, where there's this tennis court fenced in surrounded by a small walkway and a lot of swamp. I remember having to go around the court and jumping across since one of the pathways sunk into the swamp. I fell into the swamp and then pulled myself out. The person wasn't there, but instead I found one of the psychology counselors I know who was preparing for a trip.

They had me tag along and we went to Boston... or should I say, a very dark, England-appearing Boston. I was surrounded by plenty of old gothic buildings, each one faceless but similar in structure and with cobble roads that seemed nameless, so I followed her just to make sure I didn't get lost in it all. I walked in and was in a meeting area, where there was an attendant. It looked a lil' like the entrance of a school. They said that the conference wouldn't be here yet but to please walk around and take your time enjoying it all. I walked around with the group, following stairs that climbed at shifty angles and platforms that seemed tilted. I kept following around, and eventually was lost in it all: all the floors looked the same and a good portion of the doors were locked. Finally, I find a particular spot that seems open, and I enter... and I'm on a floor above the auditorium where there's the large sound of people and these two girls are there, dressed up like they were going to a rave. They said the party just started and if we wanted to join. The first reaction I had was what about the psychology conference, and then I hear someone behind me tell me to shut up. The woman then says "My friend likes you." I remember getting this a lot just so they could see my reaction, so I try to think of something clever to say, but cannot. She then adds "Are you Korean? She likes Koreans."

And then I wake up, but fall asleep again. This time I'm back in the camp. I'm walking around and people are treating me as though I was some sort of savior. I go all the up to the entrance, where I'm next to an observatory. These people park nearby and then ask me if I'm willing to participate in an experiment over there. I say sure and go into the observatory. The rest is a blank moment.

Large dreams need to be mentioned, even if they're relatively useless :P
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Dreams dreams dreams... yeesh.

I dreamt I was loved by women. A whole bunch of them for once. It was nice, but it seemed almost transient seeing as how although I loved the attention, I didn't think so much of it. Plus I was chasing down raiders with a firearm by my side. Between the fighting though, one of the women gets shot down in the crossfire and of all of them, it was the one that I knew in my heart was the right one for me. She smiles to me, tells me to get on with my life without her, and then dies in my arms.

After that, I became a drifter and wandered through a dark city, not looking for anything, just wandering. I usually was poor most ways through the wandering and drifting. I believe before I woke up, I was in a restaurant eating something with what meager fortune I had left.
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Crap what a dream.

Before I dreamt about traveling but then my travels took me to someone's house. She was smoeone I was talking with but then in comes in a couple of people asking about her experience with a serial killer case. I ask her what she means about it and she begins to explain.

Apparently, she was a criminal investigator for a murder case about a very nasty fellow that I saw as something like Anthony Hopkins in style, but nowhere near as similar in appearances. He took women from their homes, did his business with them, and then left their body in their home to rot. Somehow I get involved in the hunt for this man, and I ride around with the group in their station wagon to I believe a restaurant and then a store to look for information. Unfortunately, not that many people know about it and do not provide any clues that seem to pinpoint a location.

I then get a call from the same woman to come back. They ride me there, in dark gray weather that's raining bad. When I get there though, it's quiet. Eerily quiet. I walk around her living room and into the den next door... and then I see this mattress-like thing. It's a white sheet stretched over a mattress that is held from the sofa to some chairs and something else. I have this feeling in my gut that it's her under that thing even though I don't want to know, I really don't want to know. I pull the sheets up carefully and underneath the mattress lying on the floor, I see her naked back, pale and with cuts and the carpet speckled with blood that was beginning to pool.

That was the clincher. I knew he had to be still in this house, so I ran out and the people looked back at me and wondered if they could go on and continue, but I warn to them that there's a body in there and that we need to get a forensics team as well as secure the area. Just then, another car drives in, of a guy and his two kids who want to come in and see her. I shake my arms at them wildly and yell to them not to come in since there's a dead body but they don't seem to believe me. ...and then I woke up because my alarm just beeped on me.

My dreams make horrible horror stories. Then again, I'm no criminal investigator. :P
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It mostly began all the way back when I was in the wilds of the planet. Then into the old abandoned buildings. They were empty, old, decrepit. While traveling through there though I was told by someone to take the monorail to the station. I found a station among the old buildings and entered a surprinsingly beautiful new monorail. It was fast and surprisingly well-kept despite how old the rail looked. When it stopped at the airport, I got out into a still-working airport. It took me eventually into a spacecraft. Not just any spacecraft,though, but a space-traveling city. I was welcomed into the craft after I was revealed to have some combat potential and despite the inability to communicate with them, they gave me a wearing device, a small item not too different from an earphone, that let me understand them. I would later refer to it as a "Babelfish".

The traveling city was reminiscent to me of Deep Space Nine, a little gothic but in a futuristic sense, where the shops were mostly somewhat small businesses. After some looking around, I then returned to the barracks which were nearby the hallway into the transporter/airlocks. I was briefed into a mission, look for a particular device, make sure not to stick out among the authority.

I walked through along warehouses, dressed in a black plastic electronic suit. Traveling around then took me around open window offices where people were working. I then saw that inside one of the warehouses was a rack of books, stuff that was on sale. I was curious so I started to look through what titles there were. Before I knew it though, my other crew members started to notice it too and then began to look through it for something good. That was when one of the people of the area found us: this kid that was annoying us with too many questions when we were trying to be stealth about it. I remember taking a broom he had and threatening not to give it back until he quieted down. He finally gave in and I returned the stick. I remember poking someone with it too.

And then the mission was accomplished. I returned to my barracks, but when I got out, that was when people broke in through the teleporter/airlock (I think it was teleporter since I remember we were supposed to be in space at the time. A group of people rush out, armed with firearms and dressed in worn clothes of the 21st century: I immediately knew they were from Earth. I approached them and tried to tell them I mean no harm, but they pointed weapons at me and start speaking in a language I could not even understand. I soon realized that I was wearing my electronic suit and looked alien to them. I calmed down, very calmly walked up to one of them and tried to use my body language to mean I meant no harm. One of the women approaches me as though accepting and then tells the men something I can't understand but they lower their weapons so I assume that they meant not to harm me. I carefully show her a hearing device and am about to place it over her ear, but then she says something in english.

"You know english!" I said in surprise.
She nodded, and then replied "I am the spirit of the ship. It has been my job to look after the ship and its crew and protect it." Her form began to change to that of a female woman in the form of white energy "Should something happen in the ship, it is my job to inform the others before more lives are destroyed." I nodded in reply and said more things but I forgot what. Eventually we parted ways and I walked through the halls to the other parts of the ship when I hear an explosion. I hear this sound that sounds like the spirit screaming and I know that at the third scream that part of the ship is going to burn up and eject into deep space.

I consider going to help get the others but then I also know that since the section is the barracks, most of the men and women there know how to escape it. No one leaves from that door though, and I begin to worry for them and consider running into it, but I know it's too late: if I wanted to do something, I should have done it half a minute earlier since it's too late. The third scream starts to sound... and then I realize that if I went through there I could have gotten a bunch of items. It started to resemble a Final Fantasy game for me. And then I woke up.

Definitely lots of scraps I can use for my writing :D
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I am going to wake up with a groggy sensation, I just know it.

I've been trying to sleep for the past few hours but to no avail. I have this feeling I'm going to have spend the rest of this week adjusting my circadian rhythm. So instead, I will release something in my mind: a dream I had that I vividly remember.

It was a new world. I represented a small representation of mankind, for most of mankind was gone now. There was mostly wilds... and the new sentient race, a race of reptile or alien I believe. I suppose they had already taken care of most of mankind, or perhaps I was one of the few selected to sabotage and scout them... I don't remember bones of any of the dead, so I might assume the latter. Along bright open sky and meadows over a dangerously high cliff, I dodged and ran and struck at them with what firearms I had... I believe it was a submachine gun. I was mostly dodging them and firing back, keeping my pace far enough to make sure they couldn't get an accurate shot on me. ...and then I found an old bunker, just in time: they had sent bombardments.
I walked through the rusted-out compound, finding it to be some sort of facility: bridges of rusted steel made paths around the cliff in the lower way and I was able to find extra ammunition just in case. When I continued exploring, it was sometimes through darkness, and sometimes through the light of day. One particular part of the complex I remember passing by held various living quarters in an atrium-like fashion, rusted out though, and far from attractive. As I explored one of the rooms, though, that was when I was attacked from surprise by some small creature that was trying to lunge for me. I shot at it but then the room's floor was caving in on me... it was dark, and I can't remember the rest. My analysis to this though is that I've probably been playing too much Half Life.
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Before this... there was another dream. Something about tropics, something about winning...
What I really remember, though, was wandering the streets of New York, mostly places I was familiar with but knew people didn't really think of as that great. I then began to get tired, and slept on the streets, covered with a sleeping bag like a blanket so that I became one with the concrete. In time, I picked myself up and walked through the endless night until I found a room to sleep in an apartment that I came in from a window. When I woke up, though, I noticed bags and things people did not leave before: I was sleeping in someone's room. When I got out of the door, I noticed that I was in a girl's dorm. I asked one of the neighbors who was watching me with a sort of humored expression (I was guessing she probably found out what happened) to give her my apologies, but she said it was all right.
I left the dorm and then headed to one of the colleges to take my classes. I sat in a chair along a circle with other professionals and when I got my grades, they were all flawless. I never felt so happy before in my life to know that I was doing well in a university for once. My report card was a regular Dean's List.
And then I returned to my room, and I found out I had to take a vaccination. I was offered a needle, but try as I could, I could not penetrate my skin with the needle: the most I could do was scratch it, and my arm was full of scratches. I then realized my mother could solve this problem, so I traveled long and hard through the streets of the city with this needle in my hand, and finally when I entered a decrepit looking apartment of where I used to live, I found her and cried to her of the situation. She calmly agreed and tried to push the needle into me... and as I felt the pain, I began to wonder what sort of dream this was... and then I woke up


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